Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FO - Shaker by Kim Hargreaves

I realized that I never posted about my finished Orange Shaker! I was waiting 'cause I wanted to sew the ribbon into the button bands. And then, I just started wearing it... and wearing it... and wearing it... and I finally realized that I was happy with the sweater the way it was and that I wasn't choosing to put the ribbon in because I no longer wanted to. I loved the idea of the blue ribbon - I think it would look great - but it would make the sweater less wearable for me. And I am really enjoying wearing this cardigan. I wear it a LOT. This is, without question, the most wearable sweater I've made for myself (which is not saying too much - after all, I've only made 2 other long sleeve sweater-like items for myself.) So... it's finished!


Pattern: "Shaker" by Kim Hargreaves, from Rowan magazine issue #25
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Catania - orange
Needles: size 2.5 Knit Picks Harmony. Size 1 for the garter edging & bands.
Modifications: None, really. I subtracted some rows in the shoulder cap to make up for my row gauge being off.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

FO and great contest!

Great contest from Knit Witch! FABULOUS prizes, and check out her gorgeous knitting bowls while you're visiting.

Finished Object: Mockery Socks for my friend A. Complaining that the Inside Out socks in a heart stoppingly beautiful Socks that Rock colourway "Lemongrass" were "too pretty to shove in tennis shoes", A. requested some plain and simple pairs that she wouldn't worry about damaging.

Loathe to knit plain stockinette socks (because it's boring,) I grabbed some yarn that would hide stitch patterns well and proceeded to knit something simple but with enough to keep my interest going. Mockery socks were great! I really liked them, in fact, and I'm interested to try twisting the yarnovers in a couple of other lace patterns to see if they'll do something similar. I'm going to have to make another pair for myself soon. It's really hard to see the pattern in this photo -- but that was the point, if you know what I mean.


Pattern: Mockery Socks
Needles: Size 1

Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Bamboo Color
Modifications: I used the stitch pattern, but that's it -- otherwise I did my regular top-down sock with eye of partridge heel.

Next up... Rockin' Strat Men's Socks. But knit to a much smaller gauge to fit my pal's size 9.5 feet. Also using Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Bamboo Color

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Russian Bind off

Fascinating bind-off -- particularly for toe-up socks, so I'm told. I can't wait to try it!

Had to share - have stuff to post, but no time. Moving day is less than a month away!