Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catch-up 2009

I find it amusing that I decided to write a new blog post the day after I attended TKGA in Portland, only to find that my last blog post was right after TKGA Portland the year before! It's not quite been a year, since last year's conference was in August and it's May this time. But still... I have been full of blog-neglect this year.

But there has been knitting and yarn acquisition!

But let's catch up with the last post, shall I?

I frogged the Mystery Stole. I just wasn't feeling the love and it was early enough on that I knew I would just give up on it anyway and would rather give up on it sooner rather than later. So, the beads are back in the tube & the yarn is wound up in a ball and I feel fine about it. After seeing the finished product (it is no longer a mystery and can be found via Ravelry here.) it doesn't have huge appeal to me. I have a whole passle of beaded shawls in my queue that sing their siren song to me & leave me gasping for breath... and I will tell you about them in a mo'.

Here is the cashmere kerchief scarf, all finished. I was planning to give it to my daughter's teacher for Christmas, but it turned out that we were no longer attending that school at Christmastime so I didn't give it to her then. Later, she sidled up to me and asked me if she could pay me to knit a pair of socks for her. So, naturally I knit a pair of socks for her and gave those to her instead. Which meant I got to keep this scarf. Which was fine with me. It's deliciously creamy-soft as cashmere is. I still might dye it... but probably will never get around to it.

I knit a lot of gifts for Christmas. I knit mitts for my husband's sisters - 3 pairs. Merletto, Spirogyra, and Eden. I knit Angel Pearls beaded scarf for my brother's wife and dyed it a dark purple. I liked how it came out, but it does tend to curl up into a lengthwise tube, which is disappointing. Next time I think I would add some more garter onto the edges. I knit a market bag for my mother-in-law and filled it with fancy gourmet treats.

Am aware that I knit no presents for men this year. Hmmm... Next year. That will have to be the focus for next year. But I find men just as hard to knit for as they are to shop for, do you?

I wrapped them all up in some i-cord ribbons & bows and mailed them off.

After that, I worked on a mermaid doll that I had bought the pattern for awhile back. This was a crochet pattern, not knitting - and I was making it out of dishcloth cotton, not my favorite fiber. So I crocheted the tail and the head and the body and the arms and then... kind of... got obsessed with Christmas knitting and laid her aside. But I picked her up again for a craft night I was going to because I had nothing else to bring. I figured sewing her together & stuffing her was pretty mindless. And a few days later... she was finished! Just in time for Rosaline to take to share-and-tell. She loves loves loves her and carries her around all the time. VERY gratifying! She has flaws (I should have stuffed her more firmly, she's getting limp,) but overall I think she's kind of cool! Pattern is here.

There! I'm all caught up, yay! I've been doing much more yarn-acquisition than I should -- will post about that later. Stitches West, TKGA - my recent overwhelming passion for beaded shawl patterns... much to talk about!