Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ravelry Insanity!

I have been sick. Bleah.

And so I have been going nutzo on Ravelry -- I entered all my back issues of Knitter's, Interweave Knits, and Vogue Knitting into Ravelry. Then I went through each issue page-by-page and entered everything I thought I wanted to knit from them into my Ravelry queue.

Several patterns weren't entered yet so I had to enter them. And then I ended up "adopting" several older Vogue magazines that had no editors.

And then I started catching up a bit on some of my neglected volunteer editing...

It was fun! I now have 200 books/magazines in my Ravelry Library and 199 queued patterns! Hm... better go find one more thing to queue, eh?

Don't worry, Elizabeth I, I've not forgotten you! Actually, right now she's draped over a chair - waiting only to have her side/underarm seams sewn. Which I can't do right now because... well... I'm sick... and... the nose is... you know... running... and seaming requires bending over... and...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

FO - Lenore

I brought, as my travel knitting, to Alaska the October installment of the 2007 Rockin' Sock Club: Lenore in the Raven colorway by Stephanie Pearl McPhee (aka the Yarn Harlot.)

I cast on for sock #1 at the airport waiting to head out and cast on for sock #2 at the airport waiting to come home. I kitchenered the 2nd toe while at the zoo the next morning.

They are wonderfully cozy!! The first photo shows the detail of the pattern better, but the darker photo shows the yarn color the best.

I wanted to see how quickly I could knit a pair of socks -- I'm nervous about sample knitting for Cookie. But I did these in 4 days, so I should be okay. I won't be able to dedicate that kind of concentrated time, but I will have about 3 weeks to do them so it should even out. I hate being a slow knitter sometimes.

Speaking of slow knitting....

How fareth thee, Elizabeth I?

Here she is as of this morning. Dry and ready to have her pins yanked out.

It would be LOVELY to be able to wear her for my birthday on Monday! Though, I don't have anything planned. Hmmm. Well, it would still be rather like giving a birthday present to myself, wouldn't it? I'm going to attempt to seam her up this evening (I don't have to do side or arm sleeves, just the upper shoulder sleeves so that should be do-able,) and get started on the neckline knitting.

Meanwhile, because I needed something portable and mindless, I cast on for the Melon scarf from Victorian Lace Today using some skeins of KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud laceweight (which is so very soft and dreamy to pet,) I had lying about. I don't love the color with this pattern, but it's knitting up prettily and is a super simple pattern to memorize.

I think I will have to overdye it to be a bit more vibrant. Should I stay in the lavender/purple family? What do you think?