Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FO & finished move!

Well, we did it. Our family has moved to Oregon. We are loving it here, so far. Folk are super friendly and I am seeing greenery that makes me blossom.

But this is a knitting blog. So...

I kept my knitting simple and have been knitting nothing but socks for a month or so now. I knit a couple of rows on the aran shawl I'm working on, but not too many. I just couldn't get involved, if you know what I mean. Required thought and so I stopped.

I finished the 2nd pair of socks for my dear friend who helped me move. I only have one sock in the picture 'cause I forgot to take a picture of both of them together before I mailed them off to her. So, one sock is all you get to see. Maybe the next time I see her I can get her to put them on for me and I'll try to get a decent shot of them. But then again, maybe not.


Pattern: Rockin' Strat Men's Socks
Needles: Size 1, 2 circs
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Bamboo Color
Modifications: Not sure. I copped the stitch pattern, but did my usual heel flap and toe.

I have now cast on for a pair of Jaywalkers for her in a pink self-striping yarn. The Jaywalker pattern was originally offered on the online knitting magazine "MagKnits" which has since closed down. So, the link is to the Ravelry page for the pattern, where you can download it for free. This is my 2nd time with this pattern. I like it, it's fun.

Things are so crazy around here, I am thinking of sticking with socks for awhile. I need to make Rosaline's cardigan for fall and I've unpacked the yarn & pattern books so I can locate everything I need to get started on it. But for now, I'm still just thinking "socks" when I think knitting -- 'cause what I really need to do right now is unpack, organize, and explore.

But... since I AM planning to knit a lot of socks...

One of the groups I belong to on Ravelry, Sock Knitters Anonymous, is doing something they're calling "Sockdown: ravelry!" and I am hoping to join in. They're giving a few choices each month for a sock to knit. You can knit the "mystery sock" pattern (which will become available when the month arrives,) or you can knit a sock of your choice from some set of criteria. So, you are somewhat limited each month as to the pair of socks you will knit, but you have choice as well. I think it's pretty interesting and I'm into it. Here is the schedule for the next round, which starts in September (still time to join in!)
  • 09/08: Orange Socks or any socks designed by Cookie A or Mystery Sock, designed by SKA member Jeannie Fanihi (mystery socks must be knit in Orange yarn to qualify for Sockdown.)
  • 10/08: Holiday Stocking or Steffi Linden
  • 11/08: Slip Stitch/Mosaic Knitting or Wendy Johnson or Mystery Sock, designed by FluffyKnitterDeb
  • 12/08: Socks made with leftovers or Almost Socks or Yarnissima
  • 01/09: Beaded Socks or Socks from a pattern from an online magazine or Mystery Sock, designed by SKA mod Emmie
  • 02/09: Socks for a Cause or Gigi Silva or Entrelac
  • 03/09: Lace Socks or Cat Bordhi or Mystery Sock designed by Kristi Schueler
  • 04/09: Knee Socks or Under-appreciated patterns
  • 05/09: Cables/Twisted Stitches or Anne Hanson or Mystery Sock designed by Yarnissima
  • 06/09: Design Your Own Socks or Nancy Bush
  • 07/09: Fairisle/Colorwork/Intarsia or Homegrown Designers (including DYO from 08) or Mystery sock designed by Sara Morris
  • 08/09: SKA VACATION!