Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FO - Wavy Scarf & Elizabeth I!!

First of all... here she is!! I'm so very proud of her. My first Alice Starmore. My first adult size sweater, really. (I did make Klaralund and I guess that counts, but it had no shaping and was on size 8 needles. This has lots of shaping and was on size 3 needles.)

It took me almost (but NOT quite,) a year. Mostly because I kept putting her aside. I had gauge issues: I got stitch gauge perfectly but my row gauge was way too big. So I subtracted as many rows as I could in the body and hoped for the best. Turns out, it was okay! It fits me really well and I love it! I've even worn it once already!

Introducing... Elizabeth I

Pattern: Elizabeth I from the book Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore
Yarn: 100% merino, recycled from a Banana Republic ribbed pullover. I have enough left to make a matching cap and some gloves.
Needles: size 3
Modifications: I just left out some rows in the lower body to make up for my row gauge being off.

Once I was at the point where Elizabeth needed to be sewn together and the stitches at the neck picked up, she was no longer portable. So, I needed a mindless project. I didn't want to cast on for a pair of socks 'cause I thought I'd be knitting my sample pair for Cookie A. in April (turns out I'm not going to knit until May,) so I cast on a simple scarf.

I bought the yarn a year ago at The Knitting Basket in Montclair in Oakland. Just to make this scarf. So, I feel good that I finally did it! I started it on Easter and blocked it out a few days ago. I like it! The colors striped in a funny diagonal wide stripe, which is not what I expected. It's so hard to see what Koigu is going to do by looking at the skeins.

Yarn: Koigu KPPM
Pattern: Wave Scarf
Needles: Size 8
Modifications: None

Now, I have 2 projects I'm working on.

I'm still plugging away on the Melon Shawl. The body of it is finished and I have started the edging. (I linked to Grumperina's Melon Shawl, 'cause it's so pretty.) I will absolutely be dying it a richer purple. I love the soft alpaca, though!

I have picked up my ancient, dusty Zaftig from Knitty.com. I crocheted all the trim around the edges the other night and went to Beverly's today to pick up the elastic I needed. Now I just need to sew in the elastic and I'll be done! I haven't been able to find a pretty ribbon to lace into it -- I like that and I want to to do it. But I have to hunt about more. I think a trip to Stone Mountain and Daughter is in order!