Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ravelry Insanity!

I have been sick. Bleah.

And so I have been going nutzo on Ravelry -- I entered all my back issues of Knitter's, Interweave Knits, and Vogue Knitting into Ravelry. Then I went through each issue page-by-page and entered everything I thought I wanted to knit from them into my Ravelry queue.

Several patterns weren't entered yet so I had to enter them. And then I ended up "adopting" several older Vogue magazines that had no editors.

And then I started catching up a bit on some of my neglected volunteer editing...

It was fun! I now have 200 books/magazines in my Ravelry Library and 199 queued patterns! Hm... better go find one more thing to queue, eh?

Don't worry, Elizabeth I, I've not forgotten you! Actually, right now she's draped over a chair - waiting only to have her side/underarm seams sewn. Which I can't do right now because... well... I'm sick... and... the nose is... you know... running... and seaming requires bending over... and...

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