Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The World's Ugliest Scarf?

No, just the world's ugliest swatch. After entering all my yarn in the Ravelry database, I decided that I really needed to know which of my recycled yarns are feltable. Hence, the Ugly Swatch.

Let's see shall we?

The dark black didn't really felt well. It has a high twist to it and is kind of sproingy, so I'm not too surprised. The pinks were identical sweaters other than color, and they felted pretty much the same, though the lighter color didn't lose stitch definition as well. The red and the blue felted very well - the blue is quite furry. The gray and white felted similarly.

But what amazes me is the different in the width of the ones that had almost identical widths in the first swatch. The pinks really pulled in horizontally. The red and the blue didn't change much in width. The gray more than the white, but less than the pink.

Fascinting. So, most of them felt -- but I must use extreme caution in mixing them up in any project. Which is kind of limiting.

Hmmmmmm...... I think I shall swatch the blue and the gray together and see what happens. I have my eye on a felted double knit bag. So I NEED 2 colors (and we all know that I am NOT buying yarn,) and I can't dye something because I don't think I have enough of any one yarn to knit the entire double-knit beast.

Of course, casting on for another project is not exactly what I need to do right now. But I am in that annoying project-limbo that happens to me when none of the things on my needles are working right.

The lace gloves I started are going to be too small. I tried to move up to size 0 needles, but I LOST one of my 16" circs (grrrrrrrrrrr.)

My lace cape is languishing -- I'm just not up to tackling the edging right now.

I knit 2 rows of tubular knitting on the top of my "Solstice Slip" sock but still can't bring myself to bind it off... I don't think I want to rip it out, though. When I bind it off, I know I'll jump into sock #2 -- I don't seem to suffer from Second Sock Syndrome. At least not so far.

I'm toying with a vintage 1860 pattern.

I'm secretly fighting the desire to knit an Actual Sweater for Myself. (GASP!)

Twiddle, twiddle, twiddle...


Devon said...

Wow, that's some motivated knitting! LOL

If the two pinks are the same yarn, you should do some kind of fun striped project!

Norah said...

Is there any chance I could borrow the solstice slip pattern? I was looking at it a while ago, I think I even added it to my queue. I don't actually have the pattern though (which seems to be the case on several of my queued items)

Emily said...

I love the swatch experiment. What are the wool contents of the yarns? I wonder how that affected their felting. Maybe 50% merino helps felting, but 25% doesn't make any difference, for example. I think a pink and grey striped bag would be fabulous! ;)

BeanMama said...

ALL the yarns are 100% wool of some kind. I'm going to have to do a bunch of smaller swatches to see what some of the yarns to when knit togther. I want to make the Pirate Queen Booty Bag, but with comedy/tragedy masks instead of skulls!