Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FO - Melon Shawl - Margo learns that color can be changed!


I finished this shawl in April. Since then it's just been wadded up carelessly in my knitting basket waiting to be dyed and blocked. And because I didn't think it was terribly pretty, I wasn't in a hurry. But I was blinded -- BLINDED -- by the color I wasn't in love with.

When I started the shawl, I wanted a simple lace project and I wanted to use yarn in my stash. I had 3 skeins of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Iris Heather sitting around and it was dreamily soft and I thought the subtle color would do, and I cast on. I quickly became aware that I was not loving the color. But I kept going because I figured I could always dye it and because I really wanted to use up the yarn (I still have 1 skein left.)

When it was finished, I wove in the ends and shoved it in said basket.

But last week I bought two pretty purple tops and was suddenly motivated to use the purple dye I had bought for the purpose of dying this shawl and DO it so that I might wear the shawl as a summer evening shoulder-cover.

Yesterday I dyed 3 swatches and chose the one I wanted. Then I heated up the large soup pot I had bought for this purpose at a thrift store a month ago and went to it with the shawl. I pinned it out with my blocking wires just before supper and let it dry overnight.

And this morning -- it is really and truly finished. And I closed out my project on Ravelry (finally!) and I absolutely am giddy with love for it. It's amazing what a little color can do to capture our affection! I want to giggle with delight! It's so soft and beautiful. *swoon*


Pattern: Melon Shawl with Border from Victorian Lace Today (book given to me at Christmas year before last by my fab SiL, Jenny.)
Needles: Size 7 Knit Picks Harmony circulars.
Yarn: Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in color "Iris" Dyed a richer purple!
Modifications: None.


patrice said...

It's stunning! I love the intricate edging and the lacey look of it. I see it as looking very vintage. Bravo friend!

funsize said...

That is beautiful. I am also in love with that color, I wish I was ready for lace like that!

Kiwi said...

Absolutely beautiful! The new color and the knitting is very nice. good job!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

amazingly beautiful!

Jennifer said...

I love the new color. A stunning piece.