Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Christmas Carol and a Nifty Cast On!

I am still plugging away, trying to finish those lace gloves in time for opening night.

Technically - we open on Saturday night. However, we have audiences starting Thursday and will do 4 performances in front of full houses before we are officially open. I'd like her to have the gloves before we have audiences, but that may not happen. She still has her tattered gloves from last year, so her hands won't be naked. *whew* But still -- I really would have liked her to have them before the first dress rehearsal. My bad. I'm a naughty procrastinating knitter!

I've finished both up to the fingers. I've finished 3 fingers on one glove and 1 finger on the other. I did 2 fingers tonight during our tech rehearsal - but I won't have that much down time tomorrow. I shall have to try and squeeze some knitting time in tomorrow during the day. If only my daughter still napped during the day, darn her! What's she thinking... growing up like that? Grf.

One good thing about the gloves is that I've found a nifty new cast-on! The way the gloves are written, you pick up your live stitches for the fingers and then you need to cast on stitches while continuing to knit in the round. This means you can't use any of your traditional cast-ons. Normally one would use the backward-loop cast-on for this purpose. But I hate that cast-on. For one thing it's a b*tch to knit into and for another it leaves you with nothing if you have to pick up stitches from the other side of it -- which you do with fingers. Interested? Check it out here.

On the odd moment when I can't knit on the gloves, I've been plugging away on my sleeves for Elizabeth I. I have the first finished up to the armhole shaping and have started the 2nd. My row gauge is bigger than written, but my stitch gauge is perfect. So I'm going to knit them both to the armhole shaping and then I'll have to do a little math to make the raglan sleeves come out right. I'm a little worried about the front and back because of the design work... but I'll worry about that when I get there. Famous last words, eh?

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