Friday, February 1, 2008


I've not posted because there hasn't been terribly much knitting going on for me. I am struggling along with my Elizabeth I -- I've finished the back half and it is turning out, as I feared, too long. I seem to be in a state of fierce denial. I do NOT want to frog it because I don't know how I'd fix it really. I geuss I'd have to rip it all the way out and change the placement of all the waist shaping and begin the center panel sooner and re-calculate all the raglan shaping. Not sure I am interested in doing all of that, frankly. I'm going to finish the back half (really, I' just need to do the left shoulder part which will take me 10 minutes if I sit down and do it,) and then pin it out on my body and see what it's actually going to do. I'll let you know if it's hopeless. I'll throw a whinge party.

Had to share a photo of my favorite Christmas gift this year -- given by my clever SiL who managed to find the perfect ornament gift for every member of the family. Here was mine -- isn't it adorable? Yes, it has not been put away with the rest of the decorations, but is smiling at me from the top of my computer screen as I type. She's even more perfect for me if you know that one of the things I gave my SiL was some homemade pumpkin spice marshmallows!

I have swatched for Rosaline's birthday cardigan -- 2 months late already. Oops. Hard to feel too rushed when she still fits into last years' just fine. It's a lovely swatch though - made with the gorgeous hand-dyed rainbow superwash worsted I bought from The Painted Tiger. Really lovely stuff - it feels divine and the color is even prettier in person.

Meanwhile, of course, people all over in my circle of people are having babies or turning up pregnant. Let's see... Tabitha, Mya, Marissa, Michelle... I need to jump in on the baby knitting.

But I'm so afraid that if I put Elizabeth I down, that will be the end of her. I'll never pick her up again. Here she is -- I'm actually 2 more repeats in the front further along than this. I've separated for the neck and just need to do, as I said, the left shoulder.

I've a tepid goal of wearing it to Stitches West come the end of the month.

Nonsequiter: Any other Ravelry users finding that they spend more time Ravelry-surfing than knitting? It's become quite the enabler, procrastination-wise, for me. Ouch.

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