Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Stuck Knitter & Socks!

Elizabeth I and me.

I am still stuck -- unwilling to pick up another project, even a small one, for fear that Elizabeth I will become a UFO. But not terribly motivated, it's been hard to pick up the needles and work on her.

But, I have been picking it up and am now 2 rows away from being finished with Chart C. (I have to do Chart C 4 times, I believe?) It will go faster from this point as I've begun the armhole shaping -- it's a raglan style so there will be fewer and fewer stitches per row as I go along.

I am working on the final piece - the front - the back piece is done and the sleeves are each done up to the raglan shaping. It should be be quick to finish those off. Then I need to sew the pieces together and do the neckline. It's really not that far from completion... it's just hard because my motivation is in the toilet, so to speak.

But I WILL NOT let her become an UFO. Even if I end up finishing her, and shoving her in the back of the closet forever.


In the meantime, I am getting excited because -- Stitches West is coming! I've got my hotel booked for the overnight (I used Priceline and got my offered price, which was $40 less than anything I could find on the web,) and am ready to go! I'm not taking any classes this time. I'm just going to hang out and knit and chat and fondle yarn and spend my $100 Christmas gift from Daddy.


I'm also getting jazzed about sock knitting again. Which is a good thing because I've got lots of yarn stashed and was a little worried that my sock mojo was gone. But, I managed to score Cat Bordhi's new book for under $10 at Beverly's in my town (using a 40% off coupon and the fact that they'd scanned the book in their computer for $14 instead of $28. I suppose I should have corrected them but I genuinely didn't notice until hours after I'd left and I'm not that golden of a human. If it'd been an LYS, I would have gone back and had them correct it, but for Beverly's... I'm afraid I'm selectively immoral.)

The book is fantastic - really well laid out for both dpn users, magic loopies and 2 circ fans. The formulas look wonderful and I am totally going to dive in and knit a bunch of baby socks in all the "pathways." I can hardly wait for books 2 & 3!!


The most exciting thing that's happened to me, knitwise, in the time since my last post is that I may be test/sample knitting for Cookie A! I've long been a devotee of her sock designs. Last year she had a booth at Stitches West (not this year, sadly,) and I beelined it down there the moment they opened the doors and bought a packet of all the patterns she had for sale. I got a skein of her hand dyed sock yarn (which is gorgeous,) and knit it up into her "Monkey" sock pattern from I love how her mind works and the beauty of her designs... I am absolutely gobsmacked at the thought of test/sample knitting for her upcoming book and/or new patterns.


See? Not much knitting to speak of -- but I must go now because I have to make travel arrangements and such for myself. My niece is getting married in a few weeks and I'm flying up to Alaska for the wedding. My first niece/nephew to the altar! Unbelievable!


lara said...

test knitting for Cookie A! rock on, that should definitely get your sock mojo back!

Kay said...

I'll be very anxious to hear about Stitches West. I went to Stitches East last October. It was so large it was overwhelming but still wonderful. We decided we want to go to Stitches West in 2009. So please post a report and any recommendations you'd give to someone not familiar with that area at all.