Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shaker & misc...

Just a quick update: Shaker is ALMOST done. The sleeve caps are re-knit (turns out I only had to eliminate 2 rows, which I did. But I could have fudged it. Grf. Oh well, I can always claim to be a perfectionist. I'm not one, but I can claim to be one now!) and the shoulder seams are sewn (which I ended up doing twice because I didn't like the way it came out the first time. I'd never done back-stitch on knitting before.) (Are my excessively long parentheticals bugging you yet?) I knit the button band about 4 times. I kept ripping it out. Turns out the first way I did it was the most pleasing and so I did it that way again. (rolleyes). Now the left button band is knit and mattress-stitched on and the 2nd button band with the buttonholes is about 2/3 of the way finished now. Then it's do the neck band and sew the sleeves in and sew on the buttons.

I'm planning to wear it when I go to Portland 6/19. I think I will make it! I even am going to make it with the original yarn I had. I bought 2 more skeins on eBay (different dye lot, but they're pretty close,) 'cause I was getting afraid. But so far I've only used one of the new skeins for seaming (why waste the original yarn?) and it is now clear that I will finish with what I have left. Which is NOT much, I tell ya!

I chose buttons from my "recycled button" stash. I am pleased with them. Can you tell I'm excited to have this finished?

No progress on the Melon Shawl other than the weaving in of the ends. Still need to dye it.

No pictures this post. Next time I promise!

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