Thursday, November 1, 2007

Alas, Poor Yorick

R.I.P. Yorick...

So, I found this kicky pattern for a felted crochet skull (a free pattern from Lion brand yarns,) and made it for Mike to take to our friends' Hallowe'en party last week. He wore his Renaissance Faire costume and went as "Hamlet" holding the felted skull. It was a big hit.

Well, as Mike was getting ready to go to the Hallowe'en party for his work o
n Wednesday morning, we went to find poor Yorick and he was nowhere to be found. We searched high and low. Finally, we asked Rosaline and she confessed to disliking him.

She told us that she threw him over the back fence and onto the sidewalk yesterday. I don't know for sure that she really did it, but it wouldn't surprise me. I turned the house upside down after Mike left hoping to drive it over to him before his party if we could find it.

No such luck. Alas, poor Yorick -- I hope those that passed on the street and adopted you give you a good home.

Stats: Pattern: free Lion Brand Yarns pattern for felted skull
Needle: Crochet hook size P
Yarn: Recycled Aran weight merino

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