Thursday, November 15, 2007

FO - Summer of Love Lace Socks

I've finally knit up the Summer of Love Lace socks from Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Rockin' Sock Club". I seem to have a compulsion to knit them IN ORDER. The patterns, anyway - using the yarn in order doesn't seem to bother me. I still have my skein of Walkin' on the Wild Tide that I've not found the perfect pattern for yet.

I got the October shipment - a gorgeous black and red yarn from the new Raven series. The pattern is amazingly well-written and is by our own beloved Yarn Harlot. Both pattern and yarn are called "Lenore" and the pattern is gothic and beautiful. I could hardly wait to knit it!

It was truly the inspiration for me to just go ahead and knit up the second Solstice Slip sock. Almost as soon as I finished those I grabbed my yarn for the Summer of Love socks and cast on.

I didn't use the Sock Club yarn. I confess to trading it on Ravelry -- I just could not make myself like the colorway. (I did keep my keychain of "emergency yarn" though.) I traded it for a lovely skein of brilliant green and pink and grey yarn from Yarn Pirate. Which I used for these socks -- which is pretty appropriate, dontcha think?

I love the colors and the socks are great! They're the lightest weight socks I've knit. I worry about how well they'll hold up over wear. I tend to like my socks knit at a very tight gauge so they're like iron. But I did these all on size 1.5 needles in order to get gauge. Normally I would have knit this yarn on 0's. But they're nice - they have a nice drape, it feels kind of odd.

I like 'em!

Now I can cast on for Lenore!! The only problem is... after doing 2 pairs of socks in a row... I'm no longer in the mood to knit socks.

So, I picked up an old project that's been hibernating. Elizabeth I from Alice Starmore's Tudor Roses book. I ripped out the entire sleeve I'd knit. It took a year, but I've now accepted that my gauge was too tight and the sleeve was too darn small. So I started again on a size larger needle (size 4) and 1/2 way through that sleeve realized that my gauge was too darn big! Arrgh!

So, I've cast on again with size 3's. My knitting style has loosened up in the past year, so maybe I can get gauge this time. If not... I'll have to recalculate the pattern to fit the gauge that I'm getting.



Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Love the color of your sweater. Hope your gauge issues resolve.

I really like how the green pops up in your Summer of Love Lace socks. I love wearing mine too. The St st foot is very comforting.

I'm sure once your in the mood to do sock knitting again, your club socks, especially the Lenores will go quickly.

Amy said...

Yikes, good luck. At least the socks look fantastic!