Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still here...

... and still knitting. I'm rushing to finish a pair of lace gloves knit in cotton thread for the Soprano who sings with me in A Christmas Carol. I thought I'd have time to knit during rehearsal -- sort of forgetting that I'm on stage most of the time, and we only rehearse for about 9 days. Oops!

I'm doing okay, though - I think. I've got the first glove knit up to the pinky. So I need to do the other 3 fingers and the thumb. The 2nd glove is knit 1/2 way up the thumb gusset. I think I'll make it by our first audience preview. *gulp*

Sadly, it means I had to put aside the red pullover I was knitting for myself (Elizabeth I from Alice Starmore's "Tudor Roses" book,) which I was starting to become obsessed with. So, it looks like I won't be wearing that on Christmas Eve, as I was hoping. Maybe... but I don't see how. That's okay. It will get finish, I have confidence. I think. That is, if I don't get distracted by more socks.

So, there is knitting but life is crazy-making around here just now.

Oh, and I must share my latest thrift-store find!! I felt dizzy when I saw it!

Alice Starmore's out of print book "Aran Knitting." There's a copy on selling for $284. Which is silly, you can snag it on eBay for $175-$204.

Me? $2 at Savers in Daly City.

squee! Happy Christmas 2 me!