Monday, November 5, 2007

PodCast cleanup

I've been exploring new Knitting podcasts and discarding others. Shall we chat Podcasts? If you have suggestions on casts I may have overlooked -- please comment & let me know!

These are listed in the order in which I started listening to them.

Cast-On: Always and forever my hands-down favorite.
KnitCast: I'm still subbed. Why not? But she never makes episodes anymore. :(
Sticks & String: The accent was charming, but frankly? I got bored with it. When I found I was letting the episodes pile up and always choosing to listen to something else, I unsubscribed.
Lime & Violet: Okay, this one may get me in some trouble. I listened to L&V for quite a long time and just recently unsubscribed. I enjoy them and their banter. I don't mind the wandering off-topic or the off-color humor. Even the dog farts don't offend me. But they crossed the line for me when they started ripping apart an ex-boyfriend of Lime's. When they started making jokes about the size of his... how do I put this delicately?... manhood. That was too much for me. I mean sure -- they podcast to a niche market. But still... mutual friends probably listen. The ex-boyfriend may have friends who listen. They have a HUGE following in the knitting community and there are thousands and thousands of people across the country... nay, the world... who listen. That crossed a line for me. You just don't do that to someone. That is Not Cool. So, I unsubbed.
Stash & Burn: I tore through all their old episodes. This one is what I wish L&V could have become. They have their banter and their in-jokes and their friendship which it's fun to horn in on for a little while. But they do stick closer to knitting and I've never heard them say something unkind about someone else. They're entertaining and they live just down the freeway from me. So I know the places they talk about! Sweet! I'm there. When's the next yarn crawl?
Knit Picks' Podcast: This one gets boring for me sometimes. But I keep subbed. I keep it around for knitting emergencies.
Let's Knit2gether: At first I thought this was a little cheesy. But she grew on me and now I completely adore her. Who couldn't after her Christmas gifting episode last year? Her nervousness when her hubby opened the knit hat she made him? She's darling. I love taking my iPod to a coffee shop and knit while watching her knit on the tiny screen.
The Knitting Cook: I just discovered this one and I LOVE it. I even made the Spaghetti sauce from episode 1 (I've actually made it twice now,) and it's my new PodCast baby.
Math for Knitters: I like this one, but I always feel like I need to concentrate to listen to it. I need to give it a more regular listen. I think this is a useful cast, but I tend to like some bubblegum in my podcasts, kwim? This feels a bit like class. Which is good!! But...

I have Christa Knits, faerieknits, and WeaveCast downloaded and am waiting to give them a try.

Non -knit podcasts, you ask?

This American Life
Mark Gunn's Pub Songs Podcast
NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Renaissance Festival Podcast (another by Mark Gunn.)

I'm also listening to Anne of Green Gables which is available as a podcast, chapter by chapter. It's nice to knit to.

What do you listen to?


Devon said...

I've only listened to CastOn regularly... I agree about Sticks and String... Thanks for the info on the others, I love checking out well-reviewed stuff LOL

Also thanks for the heads up on Learn Italian!! Something fun to do in Fiji LOL... glad I got the big iPod...

CAT said...

Thanks so much for your great feedback on our show! Still wondering if I should knit something for Eric this year.....

lara said...

I am so in agreement re: L&V. I caught up on a year's worth of episodes this summer after discovering them in the spring and I really enjoyed their banter for quite awhile, and the links to new etsy sites and indie dyers and all that, but the last one I listened to (5 episodes or so ago) was just like five women sitting around with their inside jokes and no knitting content whatsoever. I am on the verge of unsubbing... one day when I'm in the right (ie cleaning-out-the-closet) mood. Still enjoy S&S and the accent though too much interviewing turns me off. Just recently discovered Stash and Burn and hope to catch up with more of that soon. Still on the fence with Knitters Uncensored which I enjoyed at first but has also gotten pretty off-track recently. Math4Knitters I had to let go pretty quickly because it required way too much concentration and I'm not sitting around practicing techniques, I'm more looking for particular technique as I need it for a current project. I'd go back in the future for specific episodes rather than listening in sequence.

There! some feedback on this topic, which is dear to my heart!

Kate said...

I love to talk Podcasts
Yes, Cast On - Yes, Stash and Burn - Yes - This American Life. I also listen to StoryCorps, CraftLit, and Creative Mom. The only ones I listen to just as they are available are This Am. Life and Cast On, since I really don't have much time anymore for podcast listening.
I had the same exp. with L&V, but much earlier on. Started listening at the first episode (real time) - loved it for a few episodes, and then it just started to turn my stomach - mainly the negativity. I decided I didn't have time for that and unsubbed after 10 or so episodes. Got bored with some of the others you mention as well.
I am excited to try a few you mention that I have never heard of like the Lets Knit2gether - since I just got a video ipod recently.