Sunday, November 4, 2007

Solstice Slip - a FO at last!

I've been working on these for what seems like forever. I wasn't very happy with the pattern stitch or the way the color worked out with them.

My mistake, really -- I did the first sock working from both ends of the skein because I wanted to minimize pooling. It was a huge pain largely because of the way the yarn twists while I knit. I hated it! My daughter got very sick while I worked on sock #1 and so it was a consolation to knit on it, but it wasn't a consolation to knit on something I wasn't loving.

But I finished the sock finally. And decided to go ahead and start on sock #2. I just couldn't bear to rip it out and the socks were comfortable enough. And I still do love the "Lucy" colorway.

Anyway, blah blah blah -- I finished the 2nd. They don't match. I even accidentally did the tubular bind off preparation rows differently and so the cuffs don't look the same. And I don't care. They're done. And I am moving on to new patterns and new yarn.


*******Epilogue -- Yorick's fate**********

After Hallowe'en, Yorick (my crocheted & felted skull,) was mysteriously restored to us. He was left perched in a tree branch outside our back gate. So, though we didn't get to play with him on The Evening as we would have wished -- he has come home to us and will be washed and put away for next year. Hopefully next year, my daughter can be persuaded to let him stay and not fling him over the fence again.

I wish he could talk -- it would be fun to hear about his Hallowe'en adventure!

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